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"We Go To The Beach ... To Fall In Love"

A feature length screenplay in the early stages of pre production. It tells the story of Isaiah and Stella, a young couple seemingly at a final crossroads in their relationship, who find themselves on a dangerous trip from Brooklyn to Miami. Though they try to will it into a relationship saving escape, they quickly encounter drugs, murder and deceit, leading them to an explosive finale. 

The team is looking to add veteran Producers, for any inquires please find my contact info here.

"Somewhere In Northern California"

A feature length screenplay that tells the story of Jalen, a constantly on the move criminal, returns to his hometown of Fresno, California to infiltrate the local crime syndicate and unravel his true origins - as he reckons with fate, love and betrayal. 

The Screenplay placed as a top 20% Finalist in the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship. For any inquiries please contact here.

"Violent Nights"

An original television pilot.

Set against the backdrop of the FBI’s takedown of the Italian Mafia in Queens, NY, in the mid 90s - Jackie Green, a black hitman working for the son of a feared boss, makes a move against the Mafia to establish himself as the ruler of Queens. With the FBI circling and bullets flying, protecting his loved ones may be sacrificed in the name of power.

For any inquiries please contact here.

"The Z Team"

"The Z Team" is a feature length detective film based on the real life "Z Team" a group of New Jersey Detectives led by under cover detective Alvin Spearman. They are the detectives who took down Frank Lucas. This script is about a separate case. For confidentiality purposes the story cannot be publicaly shared at this time. 

The screenplay is being co-written by Morgan Cunning and Christian Ghosn. Based on the story as told by Alvin Spearman and his grandson Dane Clarke II. 

For any inquiries please contact here.

"When Don Met Vicky"

A feature length adaptation of the award winning short film by the same name. 

For any inquires please contact here.

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